Our History

Formed through the alignment of three well-established fastener companies

LoneStar Fasteners is one of Europe’s premier manufacturers of hot forged and CNC bar turned high integrity special and non-standard fasteners.

PRD Fasteners

Previously UK’s leading manufacturer of high integrity fasteners.

Eurofast Petrochemical Supplies

Previously the UK’s leading distributor of Petrochemical Bolting

Triplefast International

Europe’s leading Exporter of Critical Bolting to all sectors.

Greyscale Ls Building

The business now combines the functional resources and expertise of all three to create a large, modern manufacturing and distribution facility which is able to offer a wide range of products and technical support, whilst maintaining those traditional values of high quality and outstanding service across the various business sectors it covers.

LoneStar Fasteners is fully engaged with industries that demand not only high performance and reliability but also the availability of product on short and critical lead times, from a wide variety of material specifications.

From the most challenging offshore project bolting specification and certification, to the worlds largest engineering projects. LoneStar Fasteners has a proven track record of being the supplier of choice, with over three decades of experience.

Due to the exposure and track record of LoneStar Fasteners over the last 30 years, the company holds many major approvals with end users and EPCs as a trusted and long term partner, and this has been developed into several long term frame agreements or contracts to supply.

LSFE meets bolt quality standards through unrivalled quality control and continuous improvement.
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