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    Lonestar Europe Are Brexit Ready

    “Lonestar Fasteners Europe have worked hard over the last few years to ensure that we were prepared for the departure of the European union on January 1st 2021, ensuring the continuity of supply to all of our customers within the UK, Europe and Beyond, ensuring we can still provide, guaranteed cost effectiveness with still one of the fastest deliveries in the industry when your project demands, either when supplying on an Exworks or on a full DDP basis. ”

    LoneStar Fasteners Europe are committed to our clientele in Europe and look forward to a continued relationship


    Don’t Compromise, ensure the integrity of your project, partner with LoneStar Fasteners Europe.

    Oil and Gas held materials

    LoneStar Fasteners are accredited to the most stringent industry standards, there is simply no compromise. As a class leading company this ensures that our processes are not only robust but are maintained and audited on a regular basis across all business activities. These Include:


    API Accredited fastener grades in accordance with:


    • API 20E (BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3)
    • API 20F (BSL-2, BSL-3)
    • ASTM A193 B7
    • ASTM A320 L7
    • ASTM A320 L43
    • ASTM A453 660 Class A/B/C/D
    • Inconel 718 - 120 and 140 KSI

    Norsok M650 Accredited fastener grades in accordance with:


    • M650 D59 32760 (Strain Hardened)
    • M650 D60 32760 (Solution Annealed)
    • ASTM A193 L7
    • ASTM A197 Grade 4

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