BS EN ISO 3506-1 A4-80 (Bolting and Nuts)

Offering good corrosion protection, this grade is ideal for surface and subsea applications within the oil and gas sectors.

Description of Material

Lonestar Fasteners Europe is known globally as one of the world’s leading suppliers of strain hardened BS EN ISO 3506-1 A4-80 fasteners and bolting supplied to the rigorous manufacturing and testing demands of the leading Oil and Gas OEM companies.

A4-80 grade stainless steel is supplied in the solution annealed condition (A4/AISI 316) and subsequently strain hardened by using the method of drawing the bar through fixed diameter die heads to import the mechanical characteristics by cold working. The finished form is then machined from strain hardened bar.

Used extensively throughout the oil and gas sector, on control components both surface and subsea, the material offers good corrosion protection with mechanical characteristics found in carbon/alloy steel fasteners.

Lonestar offer a full range of components fully tested to the most demanding OEM specifications.

BS EN ISO 3506-1 A4-80 (Bolting and Nuts): Forms

  LoneStar Manufacture 
Stud Bolts, Double Ended and Waisted Studs
Hexagon Headed Bolting
Socket Headed Bolting
Associated OEM Parts
Imperial Nuts – Heavy and Normal Series – Including ANSI B18.2.2
Metric Nuts – Regular and High Types – Including DIN 934 H=D, ISO
Nuts with locking features

BS EN ISO 3506-1 A4-80 (Bolting and Nuts): Sizes and Threads 

  LoneStar Manufacture 
Metric Coarse
Metric Fine
Imperial UNC
Imperial 8UN
Imperial UNF
Metric sizes available Up to M39
Imperial sizes available

BS EN ISO 3506-1 A4-80 (Bolting and Nuts): Chemical Composition

Carbon 0.08 % Max 
Manganese 2.00 % Max
Phosphorus 0.045 % Max
Sulphur 0.03 % Max
Silicon 1.00 % Max
Chromium 16.0-18.5 %
Nickel 10.0-15.0 %
Molybdenum 2.0-3.0 %
Copper 4.00 % Max

BS EN ISO 3506-1 A4-80 (Bolting and Nuts): Mechanical Properties

All Sizes
Tensile Strength Min, MPa 800
Yield Strength min, 0.2% offset MPa 600
Elongation min, mm 0.3d


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