BS EN ISO 898–1 Grade 8.8

Ideal for general engineering applications which require the mechanical jointing of components.

Description of Material

BS EN ISO 898–1 Grade 8.8 is a carbon alloy steel used throughout the general engineering sector for mechanical jointing of components.

Differing from general commercial bolting found in general hardware stores. LoneStar Fasteners Europe offer a high quality fully traceable product, using feed material from accredited supply chains. We off origin specific material, with full certification meeting the specification and testing criteria detailed under BS EN ISO 898-1.

BS EN ISO 898–1 Grade 8.8: Forms

  LoneStar Manufacture 
Stud Bolts
Hexagon Headed Bolting
Socket Headed Bolting
Double Ended and Waisted Studs
Associated OEM Parts

BS EN ISO 898–1 Grade 8.8: Sizes and Threads 

  LoneStar Manufacture 
Metric Coarse
Metric Fine
Imperial UNC
Imperial 8UN
Imperial UNF
Metric sizes available Up to M100
Imperial sizes available Up to 6.00″

BS EN ISO 898–1 Grade 8.8: Chemical Composition

Carbon 0.20-0.55
Phosphorus 0.025 % Max
Sulphur 0.025 % Max
Nitrogen 0.003 % Max

Mechanical Properties

16mm and under Over 16mm
Tensile Strength Min, MPa 800 830
Yield Strength min, 0.2% offset MPa 640 660
Elongation in min% 12 12
Reduction of Area min% 52 52
Hardness 22-32 HRC 23-34 HRC
Test Temperature Room Temp.
Units J
Min 27

Impact Properties

16mm and Over
Test Temperature Room Temp.
Units J
Min 27

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