We supply a range of petrochemical fasteners and bolts to the world's largest producers of Hydrogen and process gases. As one of the largest ASTM material stockholders in Europe, we pride ourselves on offering a cost-effective and fast safety-critical solution.

Adhering to various international standards, we provide bolting and fasteners for our clients working to reach carbon reduction goals through initiatives including CCS and CCU.

We are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of fully traceable studs. Offering a range of both Metric, Imperial and Origin-specific products on reduced delivery schedules.

We have experience delivering turn-key solutions for the most demanding client requirements. We work with all major OEM and Sub-Sea OEM companies, holding over 86,000 parts in stock and working with several 3rd party endorsements to guarantee quality.

We have experience serving a range of nuclear and critical sectors, meeting the most demanding requirements by creating a tailored turn-key solution.

We have a strong reputation for providing critical bolting and high-temperature fasteners within the global energy marketplace. We are partnered with some of the world's leading gas and steam turbine manufacturers.

With over 40 years of experience in the power generation sector, we have built a reputation working with some of the world’s largest OEM manufacturers of wind turbines, both for On-Shore and Off-Shore applications.