API Bolting

At LoneStar Fasteners Europe Ltd, we understand the paramount importance of critical bolting solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry.

API Bolts:

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    Our API 20E and API 20F certified bolting services are designed to meet the highest reliability and safety standards, with a deep commitment to quality and precision.

    We provide a comprehensive range of API bolts solutions that adhere to the rigorous API 20E/20F specifications. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring that every bolt we deliver is not just a fastener, but a vital element in the integrity and performance of your critical equipment.

    LoneStar Fasteners Europe is licensed to apply the official API Bolts monogram to all manufactured bolting specification levels. We are accredited to API 20E BSL 1/2/3 and API 20F BSL 2/3.

    Our range of bolts is made from a range of materials and alloys. Products include, but are not limited to: Stud Bolts, Tap End/Double Ended Studs, Hexagon Headed Bolting, Socket Head Bolting, Hexagon Nuts and Associated Alloys OEM Parts.

    Benefits of Working With LSFE

    Our offerings all adhere to API standards (20e and 20f), including API stud bolts assemblies, double-ended studs, heavy hexagon nuts and heavy hexagon and socket products.

    With fully traceable and certifiable stocks in excess of 6 million pounds covering all petrochemical ranges, LoneStar Fasteners is the supplier of choice to Europe's leading end-user companies and their appointed engineering, and procurement contractors.

    All product is offered on short lead times and is competitively priced within this global market.

    The general minimum certification is to 3.1 level, with 3.2, Nace and PED certification available upon request.

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