CCS and CCU Bolting

Reducing emissions and providing immediate solutions

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    LoneStar Fasteners supply ASTM and other associated bolting to various international standards around the world. A significant proportion of this bolting is supplied to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power generation industries. We recognize that our clients are working hard to reach carbon reduction goals through sustainable initiatives including CCS and CCU.

    The process of CCS (Carbon Capture Storage) and CCU (Carbon Capture Utilization) utilizes a significant amount of technology from our current customer base, from initial Co2 capture and compression to final injection including transfer and storage when applicable.

    LoneStar Fasteners are well positioned to offer bolting and fastener solutions over multiple sectors including the general heavy engineering industries (such as Steel and Concrete production)all of  which may adopt CCU or CCS process either as green field projects or retrofit of existing assets.

    Holding supply approvals from some of the worlds leading companies operating within these sectors. LoneStar Fasteners offer fully certified product directly to the end user or their EPC/OEM supply chain.

    As an established supplier and one of the largest ASTM/ASME/Werkstoff and ISO material stockholders in Europe, LoneStar Fasteners pride themselves on being able to offer a cost effective, safety critical solution, with rapid turnaround times to support your project requirements.

    Further information of our general downstream activity can be found at:

    Bolting And Fasteners For Oil And Gas Midstream And Downstream - LoneStar Europe (

    Application of Bolting and Fasteners

    • Pipework/Flange Connection
    • Valves and Control Systems
    • Pressure vessels
    • Compressors and Injectors
    • Framework/ General infrastructure


    • ASTM/ASME/Werkstoff/ISO Stud Bolt Assemblies
    • ASTM/ASME/Werkstoff/ISO Hexagon Bolting and Fasteners
    • ASTM/ASME/Werkstoff/ISO Socket Headed Bolting and Fasteners
    • Foundation Bolts
    • U-Bolts
    • General Fasteners (Including AISI Grades)
    • High Temperature and High Corrosion Resistant Bolting