Meeting bolt quality standards through unrivalled quality control and continuous improvement

At LoneStar Fasteners we are committed to providing safe and efficient products. We offer a variety of different grades, all manufactured and distributed in full compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and the Group’s core values.

Meeting Bolt Quality Standards and Regulations

We understand that the markets we serve have exacting demands and aim to meet these bolt quality standards through high integrity local supply, innovation and traceability. We’ve developed comprehensive quality systems — of varying bolt grades and tensile strength — to serve the power, petrochemical, oil and gas, subsea and renewable energy industries and the markets they serve. These programmes cover the full scope of our activities and comply with recognised industry standards which include:

Our Vision

LoneStar Fasteners strives to enhance customer satisfaction and improve customer confidence by controlling and continually improving its processes and products. To achieve this, The Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) management method is used throughout the quality system.

Whatever your requirements, we provide a variety of different bolt grades, adhering to international standards, for environments with high strength requirements.