ASTM A194 8T

Learn more about the forms, sizes, and properties of our ASTM A194 8T solutions below.

ASTM A194 8T Grade is manufactured from AISI 321 (UNS S32100) stainless steel, by either forging by hot or cold method or machine from conditioned bar, in a carbide solution treated condition for corrosive resistant applications.

Manufactured to ASTM A194 standard specification, LoneStar Fasteners Europe can also offer with supplementary requirements of the standard as required by the application.

ASTM A194 8T: Forms

  LoneStar Manufacture 
Imperial Nuts – Heavy and Normal Series – Including ANSI B18.2.2
Metric Nuts – Regular and High types – Including DIN 934 H=D, ISO
Available with locking features

ASTM A194 8T: Sizes and Threads 

  LoneStar Manufacture 
Metric Coarse
Metric Fine
Imperial UNC
Imperial 8UN
Imperial UNF
Metric sizes available Up to M100
Imperial sizes available Up to 4.00″

ASTM A194 8T: Chemical Composition

Carbon 0.08 % Max
Manganese 2 % Max
Phosphorus 0.045 % Max
Sulphur 0.03 % Max
Silicon 1 % Max 
Chromium 17-19 %
Nickel 9-12 %
Molybdenum 2-3 %
Titanium MINI 5XC + N 0.70 % Max
Colombium +Tantale

ASTM A194 8T: Mechanical Properties

Proof Load Hardness Hardness, max Hardness, min
Up to 4” Inc. ASTM A194 Table
3 + 4
126-300 HB 32 HRC 60 HRB

Similar or Equivalent Standards 

AISI 321
DIN X10 CrNiTi 18.09
B.S. 1506-821 GrTi


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