Norsok M-630 D60, Solution Annealed UNS 32760A Super Duplex

Learn more about the forms, sizes, and properties of our Norsok M-630 D60 products below.

Description of Material

Lonestar Fasteners Europe supply solution annealed duplex to various international and Original Equipment Manufacturers specific standards including but not limited to ASTM A1082, VN605 and Norsok M-630 D60 material.

As a qualified Norsok M650 D60 Ed4 accredited manufacturer, Lonestar Fasteners Europe have demonstrated that they can consistently supply solution annealed 32760 duplex fasteners and bolting to the world’s leading projects. Utilising the world’s leading steel mills through a controlled and fully audited supply restricted supply chain and method of manufacture.

Norsok M-630 D60: Forms

  LoneStar Manufacture 
Stud Bolts
Double Ended Studs

Norsok M-630 D60: Sizes and Threads 

  LoneStar Manufacture 
Metric Coarse
Metric Fine
Imperial UNC
Imperial 8UN
Imperial UNF
Metric sizes available Up to M90
Imperial sizes available Up to 3.5″

Norsok M-630 D60: Chemical Composition

Carbon 0.03 % Max 
Manganese 1.00 % Max
Phosphorus 0.030 % Max
Sulphur 0.010 % Max
Silicon 1.00 % Max
Chromium 24.0-26.0 %
Nickel 6.0-8.0 %
Molybdenum 3.0-4.0 %
Copper 0.50-1.00 %
Niobium 0.20-0.30 %

Mechanical Properties

Up to 3 ½” Inc.
Tensile Strength Min, MPa 750
Yield Strength min, 0.2% offset MPa 550
Elongation min% 25
Reduction of Area min%
Hardness, max 30 HRC
Hardness, max 290 HB

Impact Properties

Up to 3 ½” Inc.
Test Temperature, °C -46
Acceptance Criteria, Average min (J) 45
Acceptance Criteria, Single, min (J) 35


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